varsity sports

At ANS, we firmly believe in the power of sports as a transformative tool for instilling core values and fostering growth in young individuals. Our Varsity Sports Program is founded on principles of inclusivity and respect, welcoming participants from all backgrounds without discrimination based on race, color, gender, social standing, or religion.

In the realm of Varsity Sports, while the competitive spirit thrives, our ultimate barometer of success extends beyond mere victories. Our program is dedicated to imbuing students with the ANS Mission and Core Values, utilizing athletic endeavors as a platform for personal development and community building.

Through their engagement in Varsity Sports, students not only strive for athletic excellence but also embody school spirit, contributing to a vibrant and united school community. Our commitment is to nurture not only skilled athletes but also principled individuals who excel in teamwork, integrity, and leadership.

In the ANS Varsity Sports Program, success is measured by the growth we see in our students — as athletes, as leaders, and as members of the global community, perpetuating a legacy of excellence that transcends the playing field.

Varsity Teams

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International Trips

“I celebrate students who have signed with the following collegiate teams to play sports as they continue their education at selective universities. student-athletes have committed to the following schools”

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