Primary School

welcome to primary school

It is a pleasure to welcome you to American Nicaraguan Primary School. You will find our campus within the beautiful city of Managua, where a culturally and ecologically rich environment provides a fascinating place for teaching and learning.

Primary school is one of the most precious times for our children. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Active and thoughtful learners grow identities as doers, innovators, and go-getters.  With a robust literacy program, the workshop method values explicit instruction and lots of time for children to read and write.  In our ambitious math program, children visualize, model, and explain their math thinking, developing bold math skills.  Curiosity and discovery drive our inquiry-based social studies and phenomenon-based science program.

Our youngest learners begin their learning journey in Pathways, a nurturing and play-based learning program.  The spirit of discovery extends to the primary school in daily Kindergarten Expeditions, where project-based learning fosters strong English language skills, Big Questions Day, where curious learners study and solve problems they care about in studios,  and the Observe and Wonder Lab, where children study Nicaragua phenomenon.  With daily PE classes, our children stay fit and happy!

Children and teachers form nurturing partnerships that bring out the best in our children.  We show up for collaborative learning to learn more from each other.  With Peace Place, we learn to talk through problems with our friends because solving conflict is a normal part of getting along.  We know children learn more within a diverse and accepting learning environment where children share the same needs to be challenged, contribute, and respected for who they are.

The teacher keeps parents informed about what children are working on in the classroom because we know how important it is for parents to extend this learning at home.  We celebrate learning with Open Days for parents to visit classrooms throughout the year.

Primary school is one of the most precious times for our children.  We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Primary School Students master reading and Math foundations

Primary School students outperform their global peers in reading and math

Participation in daily P.E. and extracurricular activities

students access personalized learning foundational to Global Leadership

Gifted Education

While ANS currently does not host a formal gifted education program or have designated staff for gifted services, we are committed to meeting the needs of all our students, including those who are gifted. We offer personalized support through collaborative plans that emphasize appropriate classroom differentiation to cater to the unique learning needs of these students.

Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) This plan, crafted by our dedicated teachers and administration team, outlines specific educational goals and strategies for students identified as gifted. The ALP is designed to provide a structured approach to support and enhance the educational journey of each eligible child.  

Curriculum Extension For students with an ALP, curriculum extension opportunities allow them to engage with the classroom material at a deeper and more complex level. These extensions, which can be undertaken individually or in small groups, aim to challenge and enrich the students’ learning experiences, fostering advanced skills development and intellectual growth.