Primary School PE: At ANS, our Primary School PE program is designed to nurture a foundation of health, activity, and well-being in our youngest learners, aligning with our strategic pillars of academic excellence and ethical global leadership. Daily physical education classes ensure that students are engaged in consistent physical activity, fostering their physical and health literacy from an early age. A unique aspect of our Primary PE curriculum is the intensive swimming program, where students receive daily swimming lessons for three continuous weeks each trimester, enabling them to master essential swimming skills and water safety.

In addition to swimming, our K3-5th grade students engage in a variety of activities aimed at developing coordination, balance, and motor skills, including gymnastics, rhythm, dance, and a range of modified sports games. This comprehensive approach ensures that each student develops the physical competencies and confidence needed for lifelong health and activity.

Secondary School PE:

The Secondary School PE program at ANS builds on the foundations laid in the primary years, offering students a structured environment to further their physical education and embrace leadership roles. Secondary students participate in PE for three hours weekly, with additional opportunities for active engagement during our Flex Day Wednesdays.

From 6th grade onward, students delve into more specialized physical activities and sports, enhancing their skills in teamwork, strategy, and personal fitness. They can also opt for specialized Athletic Periods from 8th grade, focusing intensively on a chosen sport, particularly if they are part of our varsity teams. This focused approach not only hones their athletic talents but also instills the values of commitment, leadership, and ethical conduct—key aspects of our mission to foster ethical global leaders.

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