ANS Community of Learners

Our Philosophy

Learning is defined by the agency to honor your curiosity and engage in the rigor of authentic and complex problems, working together to find solutions in an inclusive and collaborative community.  We believe that when we have agency and rigor, our learning transcends time and space, taking us out into a future we create together.

Community of Practice

At ANS, learners engage by doing. Rather than learning about science, math, social studies and other subjects, learners engage as natural and social scientists, problem solvers, readers and writers.  Our Community of Practice commits to engagement and rigor through mastery learning.  Our curriculum is aligned to the AERO Framework of Standards, including the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts, Mathematics and Spanish Language Arts, the C3 Framework for Social Studies and the Next Generation for Science Standards.  We assess continuously and grade sparingly, with an emphasis on feedback cycles that foster a growth mindset and intrinsic motivation for authentic learning.

Growth & Evaluation

Accountability to our School Mission provides a foundation for essential expectations and fosters a culture of risk-taking for growth. All ANS staff members model self-led learning, in the same way that we foster it for students.   Our expectations create a strategic, fair and predictable environment, while providing growth-opportunities that create growth as a constant and empowerment for all. Education has been derided as the slowest-moving sector of society;  through a culture of growth and our coaching model, ANS accelerates the change process to ensure our community of learners is ever future-ready.

“You need more eyes to see, more brains to think, and more legs to act in order to accelerate.” John Kotter, Harvard Business School)

Pathways to Professional Learning

Guided by our philosophy of learning and grounded by our community of practice, time is prioritized for ongoing professional learning.  All ANS staff members have a professional learning plan.  These take many different forms and follow diverse pathways to growth.  Our community of learners is enriched by myriad experiences in professional learning and the network of partnerships that ultimately have a direct impact on student learning at ANS.

While the pathways are numerous, the most important element is each professional’s vision for the future and leadership of their own learning.