Secondary SCHOOL Counseling

Our dedicated counseling team is here to provide guidance and support to students across all levels, offering assistance on both academic and personal matters. Comprising one Middle School counselor, one High School counselor, and one College Counselor, our team is committed to fostering the holistic well-being of our students.

Our counselors actively contribute to the welfare of our student body through various means:

  • Collaborating with administration, faculty, and parents to ensure the overall physical, emotional, social, and intellectual well-being of our students.
  • Building confidential and trusting relationships with students, staff, and families.
  • Conducting individual and group counseling sessions as needed.
  • Orchestrating the Secondary Wellness Program.
  • Participating in academic meetings to provide insights and gather information for students’ academic progress.
  • Organizing career development programs and aiding students in college program selection and applications.
  • Crafting the master schedule, course selections, and scheduling processes.
  • Creating personalized schedules and class placements to meet Nicaraguan and United States diploma requirements.
  • Developing smooth transition programs from Elementary to Middle School and Middle School to High School.
  • Facilitating orientations for new students and families.
  • Administering PSATs, APs, and MAP testing.
  • Description of the Secondary Wellness Program


The Wellness Program is an integral part of our Secondary education, promoting social-emotional learning and health education. Led by our counselors and guest specialists, this program dedicates an hour during Flex Day for 8th–12th graders and is integrated into the Community Values course for 6th and 7th graders. Aligned with the Ontario Framework for Health Education and the Nicaraguan National Curriculum, the program offers grade-specific units to empower students with the knowledge to make informed and healthy choices.

Covering topics such as Healthy Eating & Fitness, Personal Safety & Injury Prevention, Substance Use & Addictions, and Human Development & Sexual Health, the program provides a comprehensive and age-appropriate approach to wellness education. Furthermore, a series of lessons on Women’s Studies adds depth to the program.

Adapted to students’ mental and physical development, the program is an essential component of our commitment to nurturing well-rounded, informed, and resilient individuals during Flex Days.


The College Counseling Office at ANS is involved in many activities to serve all students. It focuses on counseling students about the importance of building the best four year record possible to reflect academic and extra-curricular achievement to maximize the potential of each individual. Emphasis is made on student responsibility for learning, expanding self-awareness of academic strengths, interests and aptitudes to prepare for career exploration and college search.