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douglas-kilmisterDear ANS Families:

Welcome to a new school year at the ANS Primary School. I offer special welcome to families new to our ANS community. We invite you to take advantage of all the benefits and resources our school has to offer. We are a leading school in Nicaragua forming future leaders here and abroad.

This is a year of coming together at ANS. The former Early Learning Center and the Elementary School have been united under a new name: the ANS Primary School. The Primary School consists of grades PreK3, PreK4, Kindergarten, and Grades 1 through Grade 5. The Preschool (PreK3 and PreK4) is a subdivision of the Primary School. A separate email will go out to preschool parents soon.

I am excited to serve as Primary School Principal and build a unified program that meets the needs of all our younger students. I am supported by two able assistant principals, Ms. Josefina Ramirez, who will focus on the preschool grades, and Mrs. Ruth Albuquerque, who will focus on the upper grades. We will work as a team, and all three of us will have school-wide responsibilities and projects. We will also work this year to further coordinate our program with the ANS Secondary School program.

You will discover many changes when you arrive at ANS this year. The most obvious changes are ongoing improvements to the Primary School buildings and grounds. You will also see new faces of several new teachers from Nicaragua, the United States, Canada, and England. There are new televisions in most classroom with Apple TV. Other changes, such as improvements to the social curriculum; a focus on offering students choice; new strategies for teaching science; new preschool curricula; new assessment strategies; and new recess-lunch schedules will be less obvious at first.

Families are children’s first teachers and remain critical partners throughout a child’s schooling. We are excited to partner with all our families and with our extraordinary PTO.

Please look for our weekly electronic newsletter for more news about our school and program.

Douglas Kilmister

“Mr. Douglas”

Teacher Pages

Course / Grade Teacher(s)
PK3 Ms. Rossana Morice | Ms. Lorena González | Ms. Nylda Romero
PK4 Ms. María Cristina López | Ms. Erika Huete | Ms. Alejandra Argüello | Ms. Patricia Jarquín
Kindergarten Ms. Claudia Romero | Ms. Daniela Lacayo | Ms. Claudia Alemán | Ms. Vivian Espinoza
First Grade Mr. Kittles | Ms. Wheelock | Ms. Zielke| Ms. Genet
Second Grade Ms. McAnear | Ms. Brannon | Ms. Sacasa | Ms. Chávez
Third Grade Mrs. Buker | Ms. Jacobs | Ms. Harding | Ms. Jalil
Fourth Grade Mr. Hurd | Ms. Goldsmith | Ms. Gracia | Ms. Fine
Fifth Grade Ms. Becker | Ms. Lacayo | Mr. Nygren | Ms. Broadbell
Español Ms. Ortega | Ms. Rodríguez | Ms. Molina | Ms. Lizárraga | Ms. López | Ms. Velásquez
Estudios Sociales Ms. Molina
Support Services Ms. Irene Rodríguez | Ms. Lucía Wheelock | Ms. Cookie Reyes
Music and Movement Ms. Marcela Morales
Course / Grade Teacher(s)
ELL Ms. Reno
SLL Ms. Romero
Course / Grade Teacher(s)
Elementary Art Ms. Fiallos
Library Site Mrs. Morice
Music Mr. Aguirre
Course / Grade Teacher(s)
Elementary PE Mrs. Silva, Mr. Cash, Mr. Kulyk
Course / Grade Teacher(s)
Elementary Technology Ms. Guerrero

Contact Us

American Nicaraguan School
Phone #: (505) 2252-7310-12
From USA: +17862692117

English Language Institute
Phone #: (505) 2252-7319

P.O. Box 2670
Lomas de Monserrat
Managua, Nicaragua

Simple Calendar

October 2017

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • SRT FAIR - 11 UNIVERSITIES (Univ. Europea del Atlantico, Univ. de Monterrey, Univ. Nebrija, Fall Sal Univ., Univ. Catolica del Sacro Cuore, Schiller Ind. Univ., Univ. Camilo Jose Cela, Keiser Univ., Thompson Rivers Univ., Hult Intl. Business School)
  • Conference about Adolescent Substance Abuse
  • SAT Exams
  • Les Roches International School of Hotel Mmt
  • PSAT/NMSQT - Library, Ossi room, rooms: 202, 203
  • PTO Kindess Campaign Meeting with Parents
  • End of First Quarter for Primary School
  • Secondary Parent School, Ossi Room
  • Basket, Tennis & Swimming Pep Rally - CAA
  • Primary School Student-Led Conferences
  • AASCA Tennis Tournament (19-21) at Club Terraza & AASCA Swimming Tournament (20-21) at ANS Pool
  • Parent Conference on Emotional Intelligence, Ossi Room
  • Univ. de Navarra - room: 504
  • AASCA Tennis Inauguration Ceremony - ANS CAA
  • AASCA Swimming Inauguration Ceremony - ANS CAA
  • The George Washington Univ., Brandeis Univ., Univ. of Rochester, Southern Methodist Univ.- ROOM: 504
  • AASCA Tennis & Swimming Closing Ceremony - ANS C.A.A
  • AASCA Basketball Tournament in Guatemala
  • Secondary Student-Led Conferences
  • BAYLOR UNIV. - ROOM: 504
  • ANS Fall Festival, CAA & Soccer Field #1
  • ACT Exams
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