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Rescatando Huellas

Our mission is to help and save stray animals from not only hunger, danger, abuse, and improper health but to help them find a good home.

Program Goals

Our goals are the following:
Helping and saving stray animals from hunger, abuse, and improper health.

Serving stray animals and volunteering at different shelters (ex: Hogar Brisa and Rescatando Huellas)

Spreading awareness about animals who are in danger and need of help.

Raising funds to continue supporting the shelters located in Nicaragua.

Volunteering at clinics and shelters to spread love and care for animals who are in need of it.

Club's Core Value
Contact Information

Club Officers

President: Diana Ha
Vice-President: Álvaro Caldera
Treasurer: Han Byeol Jung
Secretary: Rene Bequillard
Public Relations: Hannah Kuhlmann

Club Advisors


  • Mr. Andrew Cajina
  • Mrs. Lisa Lippay