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Poets Society

To promote the reading and writing of poetry in the ANS community and create a space for dedicated poets to express themselves through their work

Program Goals

  1. Host a bi-annual poetry festival and competition
  • At the beginning of the semester, a poetry competition is announced, giving participants two months to unite and submit their poems
    • Submissions are judged by the English and Spanish departments as well as possible outside experts who may double as guest speakers
  • At the end of the semester, a poetry festival is held, during which students present the poems they’ve written––whether or not they’ve submitted them for competition––and have the opportunity to have them celebrated
    • Winners are announced at the end of the festival
  1. Host Flex Day workshops
  • Students who participate will be asked to read poems, analyze theme and structure, then write their own.
  1. Host monthly meetings for members
  • In these meetings, members will be kept up to date with upcoming dates for activities/events
  • They will also have the opportunity to present poems––whether ones they like or ones they’ve written––for the members to read and analyze
  • Members will also be given a space to workshop poems with other members, as well as officers.
Club's Core Value
Contact Information

Club Officers

President: Claire Ketelhohn
Vice-President: Lily Stephens
Secretary: Mayte Cruz
Parlamentarian: Amdrea Lanuza

Club Advisors

Advisor: Ms. Olivia Gunn