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Pink Club

Pink Club is dedicated to raising awareness, cultivating knowledge and providing funds for Fundacion Ortiz Gurdian’s breast cancer treatment facility in Nicaragua. Striving to foster collaboration, empathy and community engagement in order to give back for the fight against breast cancer. We support them not only with funds, but with moments of interaction to support their socio emotional well being. All while educating our community about the importance of early detection, risks, and self care to encourage an attentive lifestyle in hopes of prevention. Together, we attempt to change the conversation on breast cancer to one where our community becomes proactive with their own health and their families. Most importantly, we aim to make a meaningful impact for those whose lives have been affected by breast cancer.

Program Goals

Our objectives are divided into four pillars: raise funds, educate people, promote awareness and provide support and company to Fundación Ortiz Gurdían patients.
We raise funds for patients to hopefully be able to sponsor one woman in the foundation a year, if not to help contribute to her profile. This year our goal is to sponsor 2 patients.

We give opportunities for students, parents and staff to learn more about breast cancer and the clinic.

We also provide awareness with simple social media posts to give small amounts of information in hopes to reach more audiences. We want to reduce the cliches and rejection of learning about breast cancer throughout our community.

We hope to provide as much support and companionship to FOG patients this school year, by visiting the clinic to raise their emotional state and to let them know they have an army behind them. For us, making them feel special and taken care of is just as important as raising funds for them.

Club's Core Value
Contact Information

Club Officers

President: Ana Margarita Horvilleur
Vice-President: Gloria González
Treasurer: Sebastián Ortiz
Secretary: Nicole Oh
Social Media Manager: Andrea Chamorro
Event Coordinator: Diego Caldera and Chiara Bertoni

Club Advisors

Advisor: Ms. Olivia Gunn