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Our Mission is To work with our community in order that no one remains in silence or fight their battle alone. We will join our efforts to normalize talking about how we feel, to reduce shame and promote mental health awareness in our community. Implementing preventative and mental health promotion strategies, offering comprehensive mental health and social services in community-based settings, increasing research, evidence, and information systems for mental health are all important aspects of improving mental health leadership.

Program Goals

  • Normalize to talk about mental health topics
  • Encourage self esteem and confidence
  • Raise funds to assist students with limited resources in order for them to cover mental health care outside school
  • Specialized people to talk to the ans staff and how to handle or act around students considering mental health.
Club's Core Value
Contact Information

Club Officers

President: Sofía Pereira
Vice-President: Idacelia Gutiérrez
Treasurer: Ana Paula Lacayo
Secretary: René Bequillard
Social Media Manager: Giselle Herrera
Event Coordinator: Ana Sofía Sandino

Club Advisors

Advisor: Ms. Nidia Gutiérrez