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Requirements for the Global Studies Recognition

Last updated: August, 2019

  • Students must meet all of the regular requirements for graduation from ANS.
  • Students must have a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher in order to receive the certificate upon graduation from ANS.
  • Students must participate in at least one academic international travel experience organized by ANS, and approved by Mrs. Lopez (e.g. HACIA Democracy, Model United Nations, Global Issues Network (GIN), or Operation Smile LEA Conference)
  • Students will take six classes from the approved classes below, including a minimum of 3 of the AP classes listed.
  • Of the six classes taken from the approved AP and elective lists, at least four classes must be from the same field of study (STEAM or Liberal Arts).
  • Students must earn the service cord by completing a minimum of 100 hours of approved community service by the end of twelfth grade.
  • Students must earn a mastery level completion on the Senior Capstone Project, in alignment to the core value of Global Awareness, as co-evaluated by the Global Studies coordinator.

Approved AP List


AP Biology
AP Physics
AP Calculus
AP Environmental Science
AP Studio Art

Humanities Track

AP English Literature
AP Spanish Literature
AP U.S. History
AP Economics
AP Comparative Politics & Government
AP Human Geography
AP Chinese
AP French

Approved Electives List*


Studio Art
Guitar II
Concert Band
Architectural Design
Forensic Biology

Humanities Track

Chinese III
Chinese IV
French III
French IV

*The Global Studies Coordinator reserves the right to update the course offering approved as upper-level electives on an annual basis.