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Secondary Student Services

Nidia Gutiérrez
Middle School Counselor

Kelly Rodgers
High School Counselor

Julie Falbo
College and Guidance Counselor

Counselors are available to advise students at all levels, whether a student seeks counsel about academic or personal issues. The team is composed of three counselors: one in Middle School, one in High School, and one College Counselor.

The following are among the specific ways that counselors contribute to support the student body:

  • Counselors work with administration, faculty, and parents to assist in maintaining the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual well-being of our students.
  • Build relationships with students, staff and families by ensuring confidentiality in all personal matters
  • Meet with students individually, in small groups or with entire classes as necessary
    Prepare and facilitate the Secondary Wellness Program.
  • Attend academic meetings to provide valuable perspective and gather information that will assist with students’ progress.
  • Conduct programs designed to assist with career decision making and post secondary (college) program selection and application.
  • Develop the master schedule, course selection, and scheduling process.
  • Develop individual schedules and place students in appropriate classes to ensure compliance with the Nicaraguan and United States diploma requirements
  • Develop and implement successful transitioning programs from Elementary to Middle School and from Middle School to High School.
  • Facilitate orientation process for new students and families.
  • Proctor PSAT’s, AP’s and MAP testing.

*It is important to note that school counselors do not provide individual psychological counseling. 

Secondary Wellness Program Description

The Wellness Program fosters social emotional learning and health education for all Secondary Students.  The Wellness Program is led by guidance counselors and invited specialists; for 8th–12th graders, this takes place during a one-hour session during Flex Day.  The program is facilitated for 6th and 7th graders within the Community Values course.  The Wellness Program units are aligned to the Ontario Framework for Health Education and the Nicaraguan National Curriculum.

These units are designed specifically for each grade level with age-appropriate information, to empower students to make healthy choices for their health and well-being.

Units to be covered:

  • Healthy Eating & Fitness
  • Personal Safety & Injury Prevention
  • Substance Use, Addictions, & Related Behaviors
  • Human Development & Sexual Health.

A spiraled set of lessons on Women’s Studies completes the design of The Wellness Program.

*The program will be delivered during Flex-Days with age appropriate information besade on the students’ mental and physical development.