5G, Faster than Anything Before

5G is almost here and it’s going to completely change the way we use technology. 5G networks are the next generation of cellular mobile communications, providing faster and more dependable connections than ever before. To…


Being a Responsible Reader in the Digital Age

The way people consume content has been completely revolutionised in the last few years, thanks to the advent of the digital age and popularization of social media. While this has been incredibly beneficial and has…


First Day of School Student Speeches

Avis Corea (in Spanish): Buenos días. Quisiera comenzar declarando que yo no vengo en representación del colegio Americano Nicaragüense, que soy una simple estudiante, una simple joven que viene hacer una ofrenda. Quisiera introducirme como…


ANS Kicks Off 2018-2019 School Year

The 2018-2019 school year is finally here! The American Nicaraguan School once again opened its doors for learning to students old and new, as classes began on August 15. The day began with the senior…

freedom of speech

Threats on Free Speech

Freedom of speech is often a right of the people in first world countries, such as the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, and many other countries offering this right. However, there are many…


Cultural Fair – April 13

Stop by the Cultural Fair this Friday, April 13th from 9:05 to 11:50 am in the Ossi Room and get to know more about the different cultures that make our ANS community great! Senior Sophia…


Preparing for Copa UAM

After our tigers came back from Costa Rica from the recent AASCA tournament with what could be called a disappointing display of our peer’s talent, they haven’t stopped training and are looking forward to the…


Easter Egg Hunt

Searching for Easter eggs hidden by the bunny and eating chocolates. This is the picture that, for many, comes to mind when people think about Easter. However, traditionally, Easter is a celebration for Jesus Christ’s resurrection….


Join DALE!

The Sixth DALE summit is quickly approaching and if you haven’t already signed up, there’s still time to get involved. There are a few spots available on a some of the committees which leaves many…