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How to Submit Your Article

If you have an article or announcement you would share with the ANS community, you are in the right place. The following are the steps to submitting your article to Eye of The Tiger:

  1. Have a story. This is an obvious step, but you want to make sure that you something that is good material to share.
  2. Revise and Edit your article. Your article needs to be checked for spelling and grammar errors. The editors will be responsible for correcting and editing minor mistakes in your article, but if there are too many mistakes, your article will be rejected.
  3. Add credits. Make sure you add the names of every person who contributes to the article and references from outside sources.
  4. Send your article to
  5. You will be notified within 48 hours if your article is accepted or rejected to be featured in the newspaper.

What do I want in my article?

Look for interesting stories. Create a catchy title, something that will hook people into reading your article. This newspaper is a way students can express their opinions, so this means that you can also write an opinion article. Make sure your article is informative. You do not want repetitive and/or unnecessary content.

What kind of articles can I submit?

There are many type of articles in a newspaper, Eye of The Tiger specializes in student communication. The following are the type of articles you can submit.

  • Featured Article: Features are designed to bring the human element into the picture, which is why many editors call features “people stories.” So if a hard news story recounts how 1,000 people are being laid off from a local factory, a feature story might focus on just one of those workers.
  • Editorial/Opinion: An article that contains the writer’s opinion.
  • News: An article that focuses on what is happening.
  • Announcement: This is important for clubs or individuals who want to announce an event or achievement for the students to see.
  • Tips: If you have topic you think is a good idea to write about, but you don’t know how to write it, you can send us the topic and we will write about it and give you credits for the idea.

We are looking forward to reading your articles!

–┬áThe Eye of The Tiger Team