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I Can’t Wait for School!

Poem by: Alice Acevedo, 5th Grade

I start by getting my supplies to see this pleasant surprise! Next I check what’s in this box and I see all the stuff I’ll  use for the year! Next I go to the craft store, checking each row to see what shows, I find what I need and go home! I go to rest after a long day and I start to dream about this school day! It was the first day of school when I made my way in! The classroom was pretty and the students were nice! I learned a lot in each class I went to! I had a lot of fun!

 First was math, we learned about adding big numbers and place value. It was fun with all the numbers, this class was not stubborn. Next was art where all the creativity starts! and we made abstract art! Next was P.E it was fun with all the exercises, I’d say it was E.Z! Then starts music where all the songs come along! It is very fun when I get to sing along! I’d say it was pretty fun!

 Then starts recess, the break we all get! I have lots of fun with my new friends! I play all day till this hour ends, then the bell rings, it’s lunch! I get to my chair, open up the box and I see food! Time to crunch! We’re all done with these meals! I start to seal everything back and that’s the end of lunch I go back to class! Next we head to the last hour! We start making stories of all sorts! It’s fun to read this glory! 

Next, time is up! Before we go we need to pick up! We clean the classroom and pack our thing’s cause it’s time to head home I think! We all leave class excited for the next day, we leave outside at the end of the day! I wake up from bed from that old dream that was class back then in fourth grade! But now I’m starting a new year! It’s called fifth grade! I’m excited for this new year that comes with good peers! I’m glad you saw these rhymes with each class which end in time. 

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