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Falling in a Fairytale

Original Short Story by: Alice Acevedo, 5th Grade


“Ugh, another boring day at school with Mr. John’s boring math class”

I could barely stay awake….. “Maybe a little nap won’t hurt, right???” ZZZzzzzz….

“Hey!!!” “Brielle!” BrIElLe!!!! 

“AcK!!! Uh sorry Mr. John!”

“What is up with you young lady?!!!”


“You BETTER pay attention or else….”

“Okay, okay!!! Got it!” Ugh I’m sick of this… I was bored, yelled at and tired. But I’m not waiting till the end of math class… HECK no!!! 

“Can I go to the bathroom, Mr.  John?”I asked.

“Fine.. But don’t stay there for too long….” He replied.  

“Okay thanks… 😇”  😈 Little did he know I’m skipping school…  I ran through the hall hoping that no one would see me.


I ran even faster…


I stopped dead in my tracks… 


“I need to throw up!!!” I made up.  I ran outta there… “Whew, that was very close….” I heard footsteps running close to me… “Gosh what am I gonna do??!!”

 I ran as fast as I could to the forest… And I tripped… “Ackk!!!” I plummet to the ground.

 I hit my head so hard I fell unconscious…  “u-ugh…” Where am I? I whispered, opening my eyes… I stood up and started exploring the area. “Great… I think I fell… WAIT! CLASS! I need to get there now!!!” I ran to the school and well… It was covered in vines and it looked really old. “

W h a  t…….” I stood there staring at the building.  I tried to enter but the door was covered in vines and blocked off… I found an axe near the door. So I picked it up. I started banging the door with the axe until the door opened…  “Huh that was convenient,”I said.  I went inside … I got an edgy feeling, like something wasn’t right. 

I walked slowly to my classroom and I saw the door was blocked. I got my axe ready and I busted the door open.

I was afraid to look. I went inside. It was pitch black. I could not see anything… So I flipped the light switch on. Nothing happened. I tried multiple times. Nothing. So I decided to grab my phone and use the flashlight.

The desks were all thrown all around the room like if there had been an earthquake or something. The white board was barely hanging on the wall. Vines were covering the walls. The windows were blocked but you could see a bit of light. 

“Looks like the schools’ abandoned or something…” I was in shock. So when I was going to get out of the school, the doors shut in front of me. Vines started growing covering the door.

“IS THIS  A MOVIE OR WHAT?” I screamed. Then  water started bursting out of the hallway coming close. The building was tipping like from that scene out of the Titanic the water was sinking the whole hallway, the school was tipping until it was at a sideways angle. And then I fell into the hall full of water. It was like a never ending fall then *SPLASH* I fell in the water and I did not stop falling. It felt like the deep part of a pool was never ending. I did not have much time to hold my breath. Then I finally hit the wall. Then it opened and… I fell INTO THE SKY.

The world was upside down! Instead of falling to the ground, I fell to the sky and then I hit a surface, it was like the ground but really soft so I did not get injured. Then I was in a forest. But this time no abandoned school. I got up and then I started floating and when I got back down to the ground safely  I was wearing a sparkly dress. And I HAD WINGS! For some reason I knew how to fly. So I flew up and guess what?

 I fell to the sky again! The world turned upside down once again, It kept happening over and over.

I went to a mermaid kingdom, the North Pole, Candyland, A royal kingdom run by a princess trapped in a tower. I tried to save her but later on came a prince, so I left her alone cause I knew what was gonna happen, of course I watched the movie tangled. And all the times I fell somewhere different, I  had a new outfit on.

And at the last stop I was at a skyland like from a dragon movie or whatever, and as you know, I got a pet dragon. I named it Chai. She took me to an enchanted park to take a break at. Then I took a seat and started slowly closing my eyes…

  I felt dizzy and then. “Ugh”


I was in a huge relief, I was back in my classroom, and this was all a dream. I’m just not happy I lost my dragon 🥺.


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