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Here’s to a New School Year!

After more than a year of uncertainty, hardships, and adjustment, ANS students are finally back on campus, and the Journalism class will be meeting in person once again. As the Editor of the Eye of the Tiger newspaper this year, I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone for their hard work in making this past year successful, and to welcome a new year in Journalism!

I joined Journalism when I was in 10th grade, in the 2019-2020 academic year. With the ANS newspaper’s website having been updated to what it is today, and the newspaper having officially been named the “Eye of the Tiger,” this was a great year for Journalism. Students were actively spreading news from throughout the world as well as from within ANS, and were taking on a variety of interesting projects, such as the Eye of the Tiger Broadcast, Humans of ANS, the College Wall, Stall News, and a monthly podcast. 

Back then, I focused on school news (specifically, news from the ANS Concert Band), and was the co-anchor and script writer of the Eye of the Tiger Broadcast, along with the co-editor of the newspaper at the time, Elinor Ketelhohn. 

However, the forward trajectory of the ANS Journalism class was abruptly interrupted, along with that of the rest of the world, by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working under the conditions of the pandemic was an extremely difficult task for everyone, including the Journalism students. But we did our best to adapt, and took this hardship as an opportunity.

Students began to accurately see the pandemic as an important historical event, and took on the responsibility of documenting it through the publishing of primary sources in the Eye of the Tiger. Students wrote and published journals narrating their daily lives, poems that expressed how they felt living in quarantine, playlists of songs to listen during these trying times, and more unique forms of writing that documented how ANS students lived during the coronavirus outbreak.   

The following year, ANS continued through the Distance Learning Plan, and the Journalism class adapted. Under the leadership of Ms. Lisa Lippay and the class’ Editor in Chief, Vanessa Bendana, the students were able to keep the Eye of the Tiger newspaper up and running, and even made it flourish in new ways. 

Through the writing and publishing of articles, Journalism students made sure to keep themselves and the ANS community informed about the latest COVID-19 related news, as well as other important events taking place throughout the world. Moreover, the newspaper was able to expand through the publishing of creative pieces—such as poems and flash fictions—and works from students outside of the Journalism class as well.

In short, even though the Journalism class faced many hardships in recent years, we did not allow them to hinder the growth or decrease the quality of the Eye of the Tiger newspaper. In fact, the opposite happened: thanks to great leadership and student dedication, the Journalism class overcame these challenges and expanded the scope of the Eye of the Tiger.

Now, the Journalism class has grown in number and is ready to finally start meeting in person again! Having served as a writer for the newspaper for the past two years, and as Assistant to the Editor last year, I am prepared and excited to take on the role of Editor in Chief this year.

Seeing everything we have achieved thus far, I am confident that we can continue to improve ourselves as Journalists, and continue fostering global awareness through the Eye of the Tiger. We will try our absolute best to make the 2021-2022 school year another successful one!

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