Advice On How to Start a Business

I recently started my own business and am ready to start another one. Here is some advice on how you too can start your own business.

How to start?

Brainstorm your idea until it sounds amazing. Talk about it with your friends and family and always listen to what they have to say. There is nothing better than constructive criticism among others. Be unique and be yourself, create your own ideas! There is nothing better than knowing that you did it, that you thought of it, that it was YOUR idea!


Is Nicaragua a good country to start a business at?

In my personal opinion there is so much potential in Nicaragua, it’s incredible how much things people can make here with their own hands. People here are so creative and so talented that anything you want you’ll get it and find it here!


What to do your business about? 

Anything you think of you’ll find it here but that is not a reason to forget about that business idea! It’s hard to invent something that can’t be found there, so what I did was do whatever I wanted. Be sure to follow your style and It’s going to come out different from the rest so don’t pay attention to what we already have and what we don’t!


Best way to sell?

Instagram is at the moment the number one platform, most viewed, most used, and most discoveries. When you start your small business the best way to make other people know about it is through Instagram. Also there is no such thing as “wasting” money on a nice photographer that captures the best angles of your product. At first many people told me that it was not necessary, but now I realize that it is an investment.


How much money to start?

There is not a number to how much money to start with. It’s about how much effort you are going to put into your business to start seeing results of your sales.

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