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Starting A Business as a High Schooler

Granadella is my own small business. It all started as an idea until it became true. You know how everybody has a dream that is so big you can’t even imagine it becoming real? Well that’s how I saw Granadella a couple months ago until I did it.

As a start I decided to look at ideas of trending shoes and decided to design my own line with my own style and personal touch. It then started looking good and I then gave all my brainstorming ideas with my dad to see his opinion and If he was willing to help me fund it. 

Once my dad was okay with my idea we started. It was really interesting searching for someone who could help us by making the shoes here in Nicaragua. I met so many workers and tested all of them until I was satisfied with one of the workers! A friend of mine was just then opening a new “Concept Store” which is now one of the most visited stores! In this concept store called “Shap” you can find more than thirty small businesses from people all over Nicaragua! My friend told me that she had an open space for me to sell my shoes so I got the opportunity. 

After three months of having my store I have been in love with the world of marketing and business, It’s now one of my biggest passions. It has gone great with Granadella and I am so proud of myself, every hard work was worth it because I can see how my brand has grown so much and it will always keep progressing. I have many plans, and one of them is to inspire other people to start at a young age following their dreams and goals.


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