Refund The Police?

Mayor cities that decided to defund the police as a response to the BLM protests are now backtracking on police cuts due to the skyrocketing of crime and shortage of police officers.

George Floyd’s death last year triggered off massive riots and calls to defund the police and redirect the funding to social programs. After funds were taken away from police departments and police officers started quitting in big numbers violent crimes surged 21% in 2020 and as things are going 2021 is likely to continue that trend.

“The violence needs to stop, it’s unacceptable. People deserve to feel safe in their neighborhood, they deserve to be able to send their kids out to the sidewalk to play and to recreate without bullets flying by. That’s unacceptable. We should be holding these perpetrators accountable,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey

Minneapolis, being the city most affected by the police shortages and crimes, is now calling on residents to stand up to violent criminals. Entire communities are now being asked for any information about potential suspects involved in recent shootings and aid police investigations. “Minneapolis police officers will continue to rush into harm’s way to save lives; however, we need help from community leaders and residents to stand up and speak out,”  Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said.

In Los Angeles the surge in crimes have been more pronounced since in 2020 crimes in the city rose by 36% when elected officials stripped the local police department of $150 million from that department’s funding. L.A mayor Eric Garcetti and the L.A city council had both made commitments to further cut back police funding, but now since last week those leaders have reversed course. The city council has now approved additional funding for police departments to hire 250 new police officers.

In New York City, mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that there will be new police precincts in places like Southeast Queens to combat rising crime. This announcement came after Bill pledged to cut $1 billion dollars from the New York City Police Department’s budget.  Many mayors across the nation have been promising a lot of things but very little has been actually done, in fact as we see they are reversing their garbage promises and policies.

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  1. I believe that your point regarding more funding to the united states police is truly flawed, and let me explain. You begin by attempting to make a correlation between defunding the police to the increase in crime, furthermore, you state that as a result, violent crimes have increased to up to 21%. What you actually might’ve misunderstood regarding the article is the fact of the matter that Usnews (where you probably found the statistic) found the correlation to be directly tied to the COVID-19 pandemic as it left many people jobless and as a result having to revert to looting, robbery, and other illegal practices in order to pay the bills or feed themselves (or their families). Now you should ask yourself if the Minneapolis PD had all that money before being defunded, why didn’t they actually stop the crime from happening? This should indeed justify defunding the corrupt police state of America, and investing in proven tactics that work on reducing crime, such as, funding underfunded communities and their institutions so that they don’t have to revert to crime to survive, expand social policies that would directly have a positive impact on those underfunded communities (such as for instance increasing the minimum wage to $15/hr). Furthermore, you have to acknowledge the fact of the matter that when the government has poured millions and billions into funding law enforcement crimes were not solved, just take a look at the war on drugs. Originally, started by Nixon to curb Vietnam War protests, later drastically expanded by Reagan (ironically as he entered the drug trade to fund war criminals in central America when Congress blocked him from doing so) and also continued by Clinton (often encouraging racist three-strike laws), as a result, the US has poured billions into funding the war on drugs and what did we get? Hundreds of thousands of African Americans in jail serving sentences for in some instances just possession of marijuana, drug trafficking drastically increasing no matter how much cash is poured into “stopping it from happening” and drug smugglers profiting by huge margins. When we want to prevent crime, we don’t have to fund institutions that commit them on a nearly daily basis, but rather defund them and invest into programs that have been proven to work, for instance, (as mentioned above) funding underfunded communities, alongside with their institutions whilst also expanding social policies to impact vulnerable groups into not having to revert to crime, successfully curbing it.

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