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When the Ocean Speaks

I am a fallen sky that has robbed the green of full grandness

I concealed a world of color 

covered by the mantles of my solid blankness

my breathless blue skin that robbed the air of lightness

hides the fantasy of an unlivable magic

I hold a mirror of deceiving beauty

despicable to the eyes that dream to know me

where the sun seems to sleep on my mantle of reflection 

and I paint the loving stars where the night breeze seeks affection

I am a painter of the stories that fly with the celestial air

for beneath the ripples of my brush 

I shield the life of a painting so loved no mind can bare

but once you found how to swim through my currents

my tales I must share 

dive and you must find them pleasant.

 I sing of a place 

where time fights no speed in my depths

and the dance of trees, you have not heard,

swing like the wind has never tuned

and fold in a melodious swoon.

I sing of the creatures of swaggering fins and sailing tails

who stained by the mighty lights of a rainbow

can fly where wings find no embrace

the flock of my skies that prance in my name

where the rays of the sun graze through in morning light

and dance with the rhythms of my songs of delight

where a castle lays a monumental sight 

of coral garments and uplifting stones

a ledge that rejoices in a spectrum unknown.

I see you under my spell of tasteful glass

 that seems to curse an everlasting thirst

and the window of your eyes

 squint in the burn of sweet salt

You befriend my touch 

the most delicate of all

 try to hold me and I break

try to kiss me

and I’ll drown in a fall of tearful drops

you can never hug me so I cry in your touch

I console you in the music of my silence

and the whispers of timeless waves

Through the doors of my kingdom, you have found way

forget not that we share a story to be held 

shield my enchantments like I did not long ago

                                                                if I die today, tomorrow will go.


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