How To Follow Your Dreams

A few months ago I decided to work on what I like to do the most… Instagram. Instagram has always been one of my favorite apps. I used to spend over 13 hours a day scrolling through the app and I discovered that there were concept stores which mostly started out selling online through Instagram. So I wrote a message offering myself to give advice for their Instagram, models, etc. and copy pasted to many small businesses. I got many responses and started working. 

My job was to take over their Instagram. I had to give advice about how they looked, how they organized the feed, and how they answered clients. Then I realized how I would love to own my own small business! I brainstormed and looked at Pinterest ideas, talked to friends, and then realized how much potential Nicaragua has for creating new businesses. My perfect small business idea became “Granadella” featuring shoes made in Nicaragua. 

It was really hard to get started because I just had the idea. I needed money to start, a shoe provider, and where to sell them. I first approached my dad and talked to him about the idea. I soon got the yes I was hoping for! I did not think too much more about it and I just began!

It has been three months already and I am In love with my job and my small business! I am so proud of me and for everything that I have done by myself. It has been a challenge but It’s my dream come true, I am living my perfect life and I am so happy for it. I have become a more mature person, and I have other focuses in life than just partying or hanging out with my friends! This made me grow so much and now I have plans to open another business called “Serena” which is for swimwear, but this time all on my own!

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