Second wave of COVID-19 – Brazil

The second wave of Covid-19 is one of the most talked about topics in the past months.

After being able to control and reduce the spread of the disease, many countries in Europe started reporting high numbers of new cases, which lead, yet again, to full hospitals and the return of safety measures including a new quarantine and the shutting down of businesses.

Much like in Europe, when quarantine restrictions started being lifted and business were re-opening, Brazil also faced consequences as new cases started culminating.

To put things into perspective, Brazil had strict quarantine measures from the end of May until the ending December of 2020, when restaurants and shopping malls started to open. Within these dates, Brazil’s highest daily average of newfound cases was around 69 thousand. However, since the loosening of restrictions since December, this number largely increased, with the highest daily average reported being 100 thousand.

Because of the large increase of cases and number of deaths with an average of 2-3 thousand deaths being reported every 24 hours, Brazil recently entered a new quarantine period, but no thanks to President Jair Bolsonaro, who has previously publicly stated to being against quarantine measures and the required use of masks, fired three health ministers that tried implementing these safety measures during the peaks of the pandemic.


The increased number of cases comes with an increase in demand for doctors and hospital supplies. In Manaus, a city located in the State of Amazonas, a crisis emerged at the beginning of February when hospitals did not receive the required oxygen tanks which are primal for the treatment of the virus. Bolsonaro provided no aid to Manaus.

When it comes to vaccination, Brazil started administering their own vaccine called Coronavac, made by Instituto Butantan. The institute that makes the vaccines, however, need more government funds to keep the manufacturing going which was not granted to them, slowing down the vaccination process.

Regardless, the numbers keep increasing despite the efforts that various citizens are making to socially distance as it is adviced. Nevertheless, the government does not support the reduction of cases as their policies are allowing businesses to fucntion regularly instead of placing a nation-wide quarintine in order to decrease the numbers. Citizens are bracing themselves for the worst.



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