La Luna Invidiosa e le Stelle Assassine

This is a poem that I wrote some time ago, in eighth grade when I was introduced to the first Shakesperean play that I would read- the classic Romeo and Juliet. My English Teacher, Ms. Lippay, asked us to create an artwork and a writing piece based on the play. Reading this play and then creating my own writing piece on it grew in me an eternal appreciation of poetry. I want to share this work so that it inspires others to find the same passion and love for poetry as I do.


La Luna Invidiosa e le Stelle Assassine 

The sky is everything that lies above the surface of the Earth, 

on it the Sun, stars, and the moon

These three elements that overpass the Earth, 

that lie above in its superiority 

Seemed to have not yet let anyone pass

Not a choice to give two innocent youths

As boundless nobility they could hold

Their wealthy hands could not save either soul


The moon afraid of light and day

Upon the darkness her fear she wishes to bring on Earth 

As scarlett love can ever be

The Blood Moon endlessly will oust the loving rose

Not like the baobab upon Antoine’s little prince

Unlike any other tale, poses such villainous piece

Under the ruby shadows that paint the envious hating moon

 made faultless Juliet shatter her own gore


Oh, arise, fair sun, and outshine the envious moon,

The only star not to be enslaved

Or arise oh wishing star

That young lovers call upon to grant

But for what they thought was to grant them luck

Disguised poison as an ally of love

Made lie, not a sin under church’s roof

Oh yes this star their destiny chose

As false lie could ever be

This shining impostor selfishly ran away 

To leave Juliet under mortal distress

To leave the blood moon to choose their fate

Hopelessly fooled, behold under innocent love’s blindfold


Not this day did either rise

Apollo stayed under Hades ground

And as Hades abducted Demeter’s daughter

The moon murdered Capulets and Montagues beloved heirs

Fo, as long as darkness rules, Apollo’s lyre will not woo

Therefore the moon calls upon the seven stars 

To guide Romeo and Juliet 

Into their murderous desperation


The first enslaved shining light 

That to Juliet gave innocent life

Curses her tongue to spit vicious words

Unpurposely wishing her to her grave


The second chained shining jewel

That through his love and attempt to console his mourning child

Decides to launch a feast to the Count and in her honor

In her denial to newly wed 

Confusion unaware of her guilty secrecy 

Let’s anger burst through his veins

And that disown her he swears he would

If she refused to take the fellow as her groom


The third foolish bright

Weds them both lovers

And upon one’s depart

Betrays,  to say, through dreary advice

To throw away the sacred ring

And take another for selfish means


Mercutio his most beloved friend 

Romeo manslaughtered through his rescuing attempt

Under his inevitable dement

 Romeo assassinates his not so long before-made brother

Who incessantly had presented him with threats for a brawling duel

In name of his invasive family foe

To fight an unknown quarrel belonging to two aristocracies  

Romeo upon his foolish acts 

To murder a dead man 

He sought his murderous banishment


So, Romeo and Juliet one by one 

Could not escape the ignite of darkening fire  

To wed her grave, Juliet was sent

To accompany Tybalt, Romeo scram

And to the seven stars

Their light was not enough 

To lighten the day 

See what they had done


Even upon their appeasing attempt

The star crossed lovers could not shine the night

For those who lie under sky’s demand

Will never enlighten all immensity


The sun, the stars and the envious moon

Romeo and Juliet could not conquer

Only each other, upon their death

To fall again on each other’s arms 

to perish under sky’s glory that love could not tear apart

So, Romeo and Juliet where they lie today

Under the unknown truth of the luna Invidiosa e le stelle assassine



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