Mu Alpha Theta Math Mentoring Program

The Math Honor Society or Mu Alpha Theta at the American Nicaraguan School has launched its Mentoring Program this semester where members of the society meet weekly through zoom to act as mentors to students at school. The pandemic has created a significant shift in the way we learn, and earning online has been a challenge for the whole community. Notwithstanding, the Math Honor Society has decided to embrace this new way of learning and find a way to make learning math exciting and interactive.

The Mentoring Program has strengthened the math community. A community where we students can help each other and reach out to their peers. 

Along with the support of math teachers, students have been assigned to a special mentor in the Math Honor Society. Students have been learning and enriching their mathematical skills with the help of their mentors. Meanwhile, mentors have been able to take the role of a teacher for their mentees.

Acting as a teacher has given mentors the opportunity to find the beauty that there is in teaching and that there is a more profound drive in the process of learning when you share it with others. The Mentoring Program has extended students into a new way of approaching the use of their knowledge – that beyond that last math exam you passed, or complex problem you solved, or formula you figured there is a more profound reward than the simple knowing remaining in your mind.

The Math Honor Society members have been able to use their passion for mathematics to motivate their mentees, help them through their Math work, answer their questions in a way that keeps them enthusiastic. 

The world of numbers is one that is complex. For years in history, it has brought together thinkers to unravel its infinite mysteries. Now, in the American Nicaraguan School community, it has managed to bring students together to do so. The effect of this program has created a special unity and social responsibility among students that has revolutionized the learning environment. 


If you are interested in becoming a mentor at the Math Mentoring Program you should join the Math Honor Society (Mu Alpha Theta). Applications open in October of every year. You may contact: President Verónica Lanuza or Ms. Beatriz Ayala (advisor). If you feel you need a special mentor you may also contact them.

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