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Save the Earth We All Live in

After four days that Nicaragua endured the burning of Indío Maiz, our second-largest natural reserve the issue of global warming and the importance of taking care of the environment became wholeheartedly urgent for me to advocate. This occurred in 2018, and the poetry competition at my school was going to take place at that time. I took this opportunity to elaborate a poem that would bring awareness of the responsibility of all humanity to protect the Earth. That year my poem won the Frost Award (First Place) and I had the opportunity to read it out loud to my peers. I hope that those who read it keep spreading this essential message.


Save the Earth that we all Live In


Were not alarmed  until it seizes

Until it’s too late to reverse

Not the curse, not the spell

But the pain we cause to our Earth

We called it ours

We called it boundless

We never thought it could be wasted

Until the hurricane struck our doors

That wrecked our houses down, left nothing more

Until the earthquake shook our heads 

And we grew conscious of what we were really in

All we could think of was run away

Far away into the universe

Far into mars, endless miles away

Where there’s no life, where there’s no breeze, where there is no air, no air to breathe


But we don’t think of giving back what we took away from our dear land

We run away just like all criminals 

And when we are suddenly taken prisoners

We decide to lie and continue


Have we gone deaf

Have we gone blind

Haven’t you seen there’s so little time 

It gave us beauty it gave us life

We took it all to make it trash

It gave us trees to breathe fresh air 

We chopped them down to build a cell

To make papers to write our names

And then dollar bill to spread our greed

It gave us water to baethe to drink

We contaminated each league on its blue sea

It gave us more 

And we made it worse

We never saw its true purpose


Greedy those who never slept 

To take advantage of Earth compassionate hands

Blind they had turned

For they couldn’t see 

That what they did was far worse than living in no richeries

Day by day

They made it suffer

And what we have always depended on

We have destroyed

And we still mean to leave it there 

To give its last cry, its last tear, its last sigh


It cries for help, it cries to give back its life

But no, they don’t feel pity not until theirs is the pain

Shame on them for calling Earth theirs

Abandoning the poor creature reaching with a pleading hand


Filled with blood its face is

Caused by the hands that it once cleaned

They can see it 

Its wounds,  its pain

And all though in agony it cries and what is left of it is scarce

They pretend that beyond human race there is no stronger force 

 and feast all day they can, if they ignore

They tighten their suit all full of pride

And mean to walk away just like that

To leave it to die in vain, to perish in loneliness

Traitors, yes,  we could call them

But fools they are to have such a plan

To pretend they’re deaf and walk away

Is no solution not even possible in this case


Oh, don’t you hear it scream you wicked bastards

     It asks for mercy

Oh, don’t you hear it plead

Don’t cover your ears 

Don’t close your eyes

Don’t dare chop that tree right down 

Ignorants, can you  not see

The instant rains, the instant floods

They are the tears that falls from Earth’s globe

Can they not see 

That they cannot run away

For what they leave is not just Earth

Something that cannot be replaced

Can they not see 

That Earth is life

What keeps them living 

What keeps them alive

Can they not see that there is nowhere else to go

and What they destroy there is no more


Now they perish before Earth’s last cry 

Some reach out to clean its wounds

To clean the tears that from it fall

That are so infinite

Endless they are

For the hunters they’re still alive 

They stab its heart

A million times

But it does not die, not yet, not its last gasp


Filled with wounds the Earth is

Some try to heal its injuries

But still the hunters, those wicked men 

Oh they still rise

To vex mother nature 

Steal her jewels and chop her meadows


Selfish murderers they are

 to kill the singing birds who freely fly  

Chopping the forest filled with trees

And choosing a desert over this

And all for one thing that we call money

More valuable they say

Don’t we need to be alive to drink, to eat to work

Then why is it that you kill this Earth

The future is not for us to see

But ours to make

What is left for you is to make it work

Don’t chop the tree let it grow

Don’t kill the bird who sings for you

Don’t kill the one thing that gave you food

That gave you life, a real fortune 

Save our air 

Save the seas

Save the Earth that we all live in

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