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Don’t Take Your Laptop For Granted

With the stress from assignments piling up and summative work due dates around the corner, along with other priorities, student life continues to feel very draining. Now with this being said, I access all of my assignments and Zoom meeting links through my computer, being able to multitask by having multiple tabs open at once. This was until my now 7-year-old laptop decided to “act up” and shut down on me, and now I’m typing this on the notes app on my phone.

The worst part about not having a working laptop is mainly due to the inconvenience of not being able to comfortably perform tasks with efficiency. Computer access opens up more research opportunities, making it easier to find information and is especially useful in completing assignments. That is not to say you can’t do the same thing on an iPad or phone, with apps like Google and Safari, but it’s more convenient for research to have multiple tabs open at once than to be switching from app to app every time you need to use the internet. However, I acknowledge how lucky I am to even have an alternative device for my school work and not have to resort to writing on sheets of paper (you know, like how students used to do their school work for the past centuries before the usage of laptops were implemented). But this has presented problems with my assignments themselves. Last week I had to do a test on CollegeBoard, and it required a lockdown browser, which mobile devices do not support. Although I managed to convince my father to lend me his laptop for the test, without it, I would’ve been practically screwed.

This entry isn’t so much to provide information as to how to manage using mobile devices for schoolwork but is more or less a rant to express my frustration this past week. With computers being incredibly pricey these days, I’ve been making do with what I have until I save enough money to buy a new one.


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