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Texas Freezin’

Texas, one of the states with the highest temperatures, just suffered its first snowstorm in 30 years. Snow typically is harmless, but Texas got hit by a massive snowstorm, something it wasn’t built for. They were hit with intense cold, sleet, ice, and snow. This has caused pipes to freeze over and explode and the water to pour out at rapid rates destroying ceilings and walls. Also, people had no power since everyone started to crank up their heat at the same time, causing a high demand and usage of electricity.  Due to this, the cities had to turn off the power for “minutes” which turned into hours and days. This freeze-over has shown a large flaw in the Texas power grid and the piping system, since it is a state that doesn’t receive cold very often. With climate change being a pressing matter, nobody truly knows if these climate phenomena will continue. Last week there were over 13 million Texans who were having to boil snow to be able to have potable water. Over 21 people died due to different things during the snowstorm as well. 


As a native Texan myself, I’ve spent over 13 Christmas breaks in Houston, and it only really snowed 1 or 2 times. But as a state, we haven’t seen such crazy weather in over 30 years and truly aren’t prepared nor used to such extreme conditions so south. This new experience brings the wonder, is this going to be new weather that we Texans will have to experience and get accustomed to in years to come? Humans are a species that live quite calmly, that haven’t had to adapt to drastic changes in weather, but this really shows that climate change is affecting us and that we can’t get used to our current climate or the current destruction of the planet.


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