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Read This if You Are Scared of Change

Change can be weird. A thrilling, sometimes terrifying experience every human goes through and can relate to at least once in their life. Which may be the very reason you fear change. We fear the truth, we fear the reality that comes with these truths, but truly that change is in our best interest to move forward and grow and become the best version of ourselves.

Let’s be real, though; change is the unknown, the unexpected. You won’t see it coming when you’re least expecting it, but this is why I believe it can be thrilling at times. It can be the push you need to open new doors in life and explore elements you would have never thought you could reach. But this is why you need to start accepting the unexpected. I know it’s hard and scary as hell to think that things you had planned out might not go your way, but just think about this, for instance, there’s always a reason and message that comes with every obstacle you have to overcome. In all honesty, this is a journey along a path for some of us and an unrevealed road which we don’t know how it will unravel, but we are the ones that decide how to walk our paths. I believe change is good. Personally, it took me years to understand this, and it can still be a dreadful feeling at times, but if you don’t experience a “transformation,”  then life would be boring.

When you think of change, what do you think of? I think of relationships with people, but the reality of it is that friends come and go. And the most bizarre thing is that if there are 7.674 billion people on this earth, there is probably someone out there that you will meet in 10 years and become friends with. As extreme as it sounds, it’s the truth. Then again, there are big changes in your life that can impact you and completely switch your view on things. For example, losing a person you love and not being able to see them ever again and having to think that he or she is resting in peace is something that I don’t wish upon my biggest enemy. This is daunting and can really hurt a person, yet this too happens for a reason. Take this from my experience, I have lost a lot of people in a short amount of time, but even this I have overcome and continue to overcome, but I promise you it’s not the end of the world.

Changes big and small like these will only make you stronger, wiser, strong-minded, and the list goes on. Don’t fight the change, accept the change, and I guarantee you something good will come. I have learned so many things about “change” and continue to learn. I realize that perhaps one of the hardest things to hear when we know the other person telling us is completely right, is advice. Still, we often blind ourselves and fail to recognize the new possibilities and good things change can bring. But see, this is why, at the end of the day, you truly are the person who can rely on themselves. You’re the one who has the power to change for the good, you’re the only one that knows and understand what goes on in your mind, so it does come down to you painting a new path, accepting the change, and loving yourself no matter the decision you decide to take. Do not look for the change, it will come and go when the time is right. And remember change is for good, let go, don’t hold grudges, life goes on, and good things come.

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