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The Same

In the ways we run away

And in the ways we choose to stay

It’s all different, but the same

Who’s to say?

Who stays intact? Who fades away?

Who dissipates and floats away?

Who gets to charge? Who has to pay?

Who has a home and who’s a stray?

Who’s up at night? Who takes the day?

Who gets to play while others work their sanity away?

Who is loyal? Who betrays?

Who rebels and who obeys?

Who has enough to give away? 

Who lives payday to payday?

Who moves on? Who clicks replay?

Who rushes things and who delays?

Who’s laughing with their friends in their preferred café?

Who’s filling up their ashtray?

Whose world’s in disarray?

Is anyone doing okay?

Every single one of us is our own bouquet

Our own assortment, unique display

We each have our own buffet

But who decides what’s on our plate?

At some point we took a turn and ended up on life’s highway

All in different cars, in different lanes

But if someone were to look from far away

Down onto Earth, from outer space

It’s all the same, the same, the same

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