Second Trump Impeachment

Over the weekend former President Trump became the first person to have been acquitted two times. 

The impeachment started after the events of January 6th when a mob attacked the capitol building. The Democrats alleged that this mob was incited by President Trump

We all knew from the beginning that Trump was going to get acquitted despite the defense lawyers being a little shaky in their early arguments and the Democrat impeachment managers doing a good job. But things changed on the last day of their presentation since the Trump lawyers brought some good defense to the table and that’s where the Democratic efforts to impeach Trump started to fall down.

During the trial, the Democrat’s persecution against Trump was really inconsistent with their claims and put them in a very difficult position. First, they said it was a crisis, then they said it was not a crisis. First, they said the impeachment was because Trump incited violence, and then they said it was because of Trump’s general activity between November and January 6th. And it turns out a lot of the language that the persecution said was “incitement”  is language that has been used by Democrats multiple times. This is the point that the Trump defense team made when they played a tape showing democratic leaders such as speaker Nancy Pelosi inciting for violence and not getting an impeachment trial for that. 

“At no point in their presentation did you hear the house managers play a single example of Mr. Trump urging anyone to engage in violence of any kind. At no point did you hear anything that could possibly be constructed as Mr. Trump encouraging or sanctioning an insurrection” said the defense team.

Democrats supposedly had witnesses that proved that Trump had incited the violence, but those witnesses were never called by the Democrats despite this being a perfect time to show some evidence. After that, the impeachment allegations that Trump incited and wanted the violence with the phrase “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”.

The efforts of impeachment basically started to fall apart since democrats struggled to prove their point. Jamie Raskin later defended the decision of not bringing witnesses because he felt that even if he had a thousand witnesses it wouldn’t overcome the Republican votes to acquit the former president. And after a vote, the US Senate acquitted former President Trump and declared him not guilty.


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