Student Experience

Making Room for Journalism While Feeling Overwhelmed

Not every emotion we carry is fully acknowledged, understood, or even truly felt. At times, we might feel like we experience all of our emotions at once and aren’t quite sure how to handle them. I’m personally on that boat, where somedays I don’t process all the work I have and all the things I need to do before x due date until the last minute and then enter into a panic because “I wasn’t given enough time” when I just didn’t utilize my time well. This has happened to me and countless other students around the world over and over again, where our workload boggles our minds so much we chose to push them down into our subconscious and reopen the tasks when we think it’s time, which is usually the day before we need to turn the said assignment in.

Every month I try to come up with ways to ‘spice up’ my articles, and reporting the current news has never been among my set of interests. I enjoy writing, and a lot of what I write is about personal experiences. Still, most days are so incredibly uneventful that I end up staring at my empty document searching the depths of my brain for something, ANYTHING to write on. This is usually because I’m so incredibly overwhelmed with everything else I need to complete for school that my mind is too clustered for writing anything I deem “good and acceptable” according to the personal criteria I’ve forced upon myself whenever I write absolutely anything.

In six days’ time, I, along with every other junior and sophomore high school student, will be taking the PSAT once again to practice for the Big Deal: our college admission tests. This adds yet another layer of things to be concerned with. Life as a student isn’t easy in the slightest, and to think it doesn’t get much better as an adult is terrifying enough. But the truth is there really isn’t much one can do but ride it out.

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