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And when I look in the mirror,

I’m not alone anymore. I see you standing behind me. I reach out to touch your warm and soft hands, but am only met with the cold, sharp air of the night. I hear your sweet voice, but it’s only the whispers of the wind, echoes of a love that once was. Tears wet my face as I contemplate the past, think of everything I could have done to keep you by my side but didn’t. I reminisce about all the time we spent together, although we both knew about the inevitable end of it all deep down. I close my eyes and I can see it all again, vividly in front of me. I can smell the autumn air we spent what felt like an eternity in. I can feel the auburn leaves brush against me. I can see you. Wearing the red cardigan that I knit. Laughing as the wind travelled through your hair. But then you turn to me and tell me to open my eyes. I don’t want to. But my body takes over and my eyelids flutter open. I desperately look in to the mirror to see you once again, but you are gone. Not a trace remains. I grasp the object tightly, begging for a sign you were still there, but instead I am swallowed whole by the darkness surrounding me. i am alone again.


(Short story by Freshman Mayte Cruz)

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