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Record Breaking Year of Hurricanes

Hurricane Iota (Source: CNN).

This year has been a record-breaking year in all sorts of ways, but it just got a little crazier with the hurricanes. Every year the hurricane season names start at a and go to z, but there is a backup list in case it goes over z. The last time they had to use the Greek alphabet to record the names was in 2005 when they got to ZETA, but this year it appears that it may go way past this. At the moment, the hurricanes have gone to a new record in the Greek alphabet; when ETA came, it marked a new record, and currently, we’re on IOTA. There have also been reports of a new hurricane forming right now. This would put the chart even further into the record, and the hurricane season hasn’t ended yet. 


These hurricanes have also been incredibly destructive to the coast of Nicaragua, destroying towns like Puerto Cabezas. It’s never been heard of before for the same place to be struck by 2 category 4 hurricanes within 1 week of each other. The 3rd hurricane could come to destroy the coast more than it already has. There has been massive flooding, high wind speeds, and houses destroyed by the category 4 hurricanes that have hit them. In Managua, most people have been lucky for the most part since there has just mainly been rain and a little bit of flooding, but in the rest of the country, roads have been destroyed and flooded by the high quantity of water that hit us. 


At ANS, we have multiple projects aimed at helping the coast side communities facing hardship due to the 2 category 4 hurricanes that hit them in the last 3 weeks. There are also many out of school fundraising events that help give food and clothing to these families since many of them lost everything that they own in the devastating hurricanes.

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