Football Legend Diego Maradona Passes Away at the Age of 60


On November 25, 2020, football legend and World Cup winner Diego Maradona passed away at the age of 60. This came as a huge shock not only to football fans but to the whole world, given his relatively young age. The unexpected death of the Argentinian legend has brought about many heartfelt goodbyes and messages from fans as well as other football players who knew him best. Among these was renowned Brazil football legend Pelé who had known Maradona for years based on their careers taking place around the same time and also due to the endless comparisons and debates on who was the better player. Pelé reacted to the tragic passing of Maradona by stating: “I have lost a dear friend, and the world has lost a legend. One day, I hope, we will play football together in the sky”. Another football star that paid tribute to Maradona was Lionel Messi, the current captain of the Argentinian National Football team. Messi stated that “He leaves, but he is not gone because Diego is eternal.” Messi also further honored Maradona on Sunday when he scored a goal for his club Barcelona against Osasuna, and for his celebration, he took off his shirt revealing that he was wearing another under it which was the one from Newell’s Old Boys with number 10 on the back. This was one of Maradona’s shirts that he used when he was at that club in 1993.

The cause of death of Diego Maradona was revealed to have been a heart attack. While this would usually be attributed to natural causes or the unhealthy lifestyle Maradona used to have, recent reports suggest that authorities are suspicious of some medical personnel and family members. When the emergency call was made by those around Maradona when he experienced his heart attack, they failed to mention his identity, which could’ve played a part in the tardy response in part of the emergency services that lead to his death. Medical personnel is being questioned because 3-4 weeks prior to his death, Maradona had undergone a “successful” surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain. However, authorities have questioned whether the medical personnel gave Maradona the appropriate care after the surgery. If it turns out they didn’t, this could be the inner cause of the Argentinian legend’s death.

Despite all the reports, nothing is yet concrete to come up with a definitive answer as to what factors aside from the heart attack lead to Diego Maradona’s death. What we do know is that the world has lost yet another significant sports legend in the year 2020, and our condolences go to the Maradona family.

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