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Christmas Cookie Fundraiser


She’s the First is raising money for scholarships to enable underprivileged young women to attend the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria. They are selling kits of delicious Christmas cookies that include colorful frostings to decorate 10 cookies for 200 cordobas. Kits are available from now until December 11th. Delivery or pick up is available for an extra charge of 70 córdobas. This is a great way to enjoy time with family or send gifts to friends as a holiday treat. To purchase a kit, contact 8739-5454.

She’s the First’s vision is to create a world where every girl can choose her own future. In order for a girl to be able to lead such a path, the key often lies in having access to quality education. For this reason, She’s the First at ANS is determined to find ways to provide opportunities for education for girls in Nicaragua, specifically to provide scholarships to the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria for girls.

One of the many examples of how She’s the First has helped young women is Reyna. She is a girl from Chinandega who is currently studying industrial engineering, does not know how she is going to be able to continue at college next year. To pay for her studies, she makes piñatas, but with the current health crisis the world is going through, there are no parties, and therefore piñatas are not in demand. Her grandmother, who also used to help her pay for her expenses, lost her job and the only income they have available for a family of six is her dad’s income, and he works as a teacher at a public school.  This is just one of many girls who have approached She’s the First looking for help.

According to a 2017 study by the World Bank, only 40% of girls signed up to go to secondary school in Nicaragua, and only half of them graduate from high school. Sadly, since this study was done, the number of girls attending school has been decreasing for many reasons: 

  1. After the political crisis in 2018, the financial situation of many families in Nicaragua was negatively impacted. Many children, especially girls, were pulled out of school to help support their families. 
  2. Girls have stopped dreaming about raising themselves out of poverty due to the lack of opportunities that exist in the labor market.
  3. With Covid-19, many children stopped attending school because their families are afraid of this contagious, deadly disease. Public schools lack the capabilities to continue teaching students with a distance learning plan.

Sadly, for the years to come, Nicaragua will probably have the most uneducated population since the war during the ’80s. Nicaragua is the second poorest country on this continent, and without education, things can only get worse.

Women must be given the opportunity of studying. When girls are educated, there is an immediate positive impact and an amazing long-term benefit.  It has been proven that societies are transformed, economies grow, health improves, and their families, communities, and countries prosper. 

An educated girl increases her income, marries later, is less likely to die in childbirth, her children are healthier, experiences less discrimination, makes her own decisions, is safer, and invests in future generations and her community. 

Get your kit now and be a part of making our community a better place! Pick up is available at school, or delivery is available, and payment can be made by bank transfer.


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