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Celebration of Maradona

Maradona is an Argentinian soccer player, who is amongst the greatest players of all time, if not the greatest, and he passed this morning November 25th. His passing is a huge loss for all fanatics of the game worldwide. He played for over 21 years, and after his career as a player, he became a coach for Argentina and some pro clubs. Argentina is truly feeling this loss since he is idolized heavily in the country.

In fact, he is idolized to the point where there is a church dedicated to worshiping him and the player he was. This church is so serious they even have 10 commandments, which are the following. The ball is never soiled. Love football above all else. Declare unconditional love for Diego and the beauty of football. Defend the Argentina shirt. Spread the news of Diego’s miracles throughout the universe. Honor the temples where he played and his sacred shirts. Don’t proclaim Diego as a member of any single team. Preach and spread the principles of the Church of Maradona. Make Diego your middle name and name your first son Diego. Don’t live estranged from reality and don’t be useless.

Maradona won a world cup in 1986 in Mexico against West Germany in the finals. This was a time when he was being put above everyone worldwide. He lived a short life, but it was well lived. He was a world-famous player, a world-famous coach, and possibly the best player of all time. A little known fact is that he was also a father of three, which were 3 children he had in Cuba.

Maradona’s impact off the field was large, just like the way people idolized him. He had a few fundraisers and charity courses that he ran and participated in. These charities helped people in Argentina mainly since it’s his home country and the country he represents in FC’s and national teams. 

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