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Writing When You Have Nothing To Write About

Journalism is all about research. Researching the web for any possible story to jump on. Researching the world of which surrounds you. Researching the very mind.

But sometimes, your brain doesn’t want to conjure up any possible way to report current events with captivating word choice and charisma, or you may feel as if your life is so uneventful there’s nothing worth writing about. It’s a little difficult to get started on writing when there are simply too many things happening at once. The accumulation of work and the pressure of striving for perfection that comes with it are often factors that gnaw into the phenomenon known as “writer’s block.” You’re so absolutely “done” with everything that your brain doesn’t register: “write an articulate essay.” Summative assessments are right around the corner, and practically everyone in the student body is feeling the wrath, once again, of the annual December finals. All of the pressure makes it even more difficult for some to focus on writing and finding the perfect words and ideas.

I’m not even sure if I’m doing a good job at organizing my thoughts as I write this, which is probably why we have editors. But, perhaps, it’s a good thing to cut yourself some slack once n’ a while and not exercise the full extent of your brainpower in a 300-word article.

But tracking deadlines and late-night summative revisions have driven me to a realization: that not everything you write needs to be a grand reflection of your literary potential. No amount of tips-and-tricks will motivate me the same way waking up and naturally feeling like writing can. Some days, I don’t want to write. Some days, I’m in the zone and won’t leave my keyboard until my fingers ache. Most of the time, I must write out of obligation.

Regardless, every article and essay I write is just more practice in strengthening my skills as a writer. Practice can get tiring, so rest is just as important.

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