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Boeing 737-Max: Clear for Take Off

After 20 months of being grounded, the Boeing 737 Max has received authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly.

This authorization is an important step for Boeing, which lost billions of dollars due to the grounding caused by the two fatal crashes that happened within 5 months of each other, first in Indonesia, then in Ethiopia; both planes involved in the crashes being the new Boeing 737 Max. In total, the fatal crashes ended with the lives of 346 people.

Since the plane’s grounding, Boeing has been working on a new software update to correct the problem with the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), the main issue behind the two deadly crashes. According to The Geek Wire, “The new software updates ensure that the MCAS system would kick in only when both sensors signaled a problem—and even then, the system would kick in only once, rather than repeatedly. Other fixes provide more cross-checking between computers.” After months of testing, the FAA has finally verified that the new software updates, in fact, resolve the problem; pilots are now going to be required to have training prior to even entering the cockpit of the 737 Max.

Although the FAA has given the approval for the Boeing 737 to fly again, this approval does not allow this model to “immediately return” to the skies since the software update has to be installed in every 737-Max model, and it is up to the airlines to make that happen. Once an airline has installed the software updates in their fleet of 737-Max, proper verification and approval will be given to individual aircraft by the FAA. Once that process is completed, the aircraft will be able to fly again. 

The FAA and Boeing insist that with the new software updates, the plane is safe to fly, but it is up to each individual airline to prove to their customers that the plane is, in fact, airworthy and safe. All the airlines have stated that they will tell you in advance what type of aircraft you are booking your flight, and if the passenger sees that it is the 737-Max, they can change their flights without problems or fees.

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