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The Murder of Bernell Trammell

Barnell Trammell was well-known by his community for being a very kind, friendly, and peaceful person with his neighbors and people in general. But the one thing that most people recognized about him was the ways he expressed his opinions since he would always be outside his business holding some kind of sign expressing his opinion or support on George Floyd, the BLM Movement, Lena Taylor, and even President Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck in broad daylight on July 23rd, 2020, when Barnell was shot and killed while holding a pro-Trump sign just two hours after being interviewed in a video by Adebisi Agoro. In the interview that occurred before his killing, Barnell explained why he supported President Trump and the confrontations he had with other people due to the sign. Little did Agoro know that the video he took of Mr. Trammell would be his last time expressing his opinion.

Barnell was a nice older man, he wasn’t trying to bother anyone, and he was loved in his community. Now, why would someone try to take his life just because of his support for a president? We have seen people get shot over their MAGA caps and black people getting shot over supporting Trump. The fact that this type of violence is happening against people who support Trump is ridiculous, to begin with. Nobody should be harmed or even less killed just because of expressing their opinion. Of course, somebody will always disagree, but killing another person over an opinion is monstrous and won’t solve anything.

To this day, there was absolutely no level of outrage over the killing of Mr. Trammell. We constantly hear about the cases of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, but stories like Trammell’s are buried by the media since they don’t want to talk about the violence against Trump supporters because it doesn’t fit their narrative. But if something terrible happens to someone who is on their side, there’s immediately extensive coverage of that story. And at this point for the media, your life only really matters if you follow a particular political narrative. And if black lives matter, what happened to the cases of all the black lives that have been lost or affected because of supporting Trump or being a black police officer? Do those lives not matter, or do they matter less because they don’t follow the narrative the left is trying to push? Or do they stop being black once they disagree with the democrats, like former Vice-President Joe Biden said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black”?

The loss of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor were horrible tragedies that could have been avoided, and the killing of innocent black people shouldn’t be happening at all. It is good that these cases caught the media’s attention since a lot of awareness has been raised. But the media shouldn’t turn a blind eye, and they should raise awareness to the other black lives that are being lost due to violence for having different opinions, such as Mr. Trammell’s case. And by doing that, tragedies like these could be easily avoided.

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