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ANS Mock Election Results Surprising, But Not Unexpected

In the height of the 2020 Presidential Elections, the AP United States Government class held a mock election across the ANS Secondary School. A mock election is an election organized for educational or transformative purposes to measure all possible data of where our school body stands. The survey “ballots” were sent online to every member of our faculty and students from grades 6th-12th. On November 3rd, the day of the election in the United States, the mock election results had 249 people voting successfully amongst our school body.

Though at the posting of this article, the US election results have not yet been finalized, the ANS mock election reports that former Vice President Joe Biden scored ahead of President Donald Trump in both the popular vote and the ANS “Electoral College” at 54.3%. Donald Trump only managed to win 37.8% of the vote, with 8% of voters abstained. The electoral college awarded Joe Biden a whopping 455 points, while Donald Trump only scored 50.

Many are surprised by Biden’s landslide victory, although others argue that it’s only natural since the overwhelming student body is more likely to lean blue. The age demographic between 18-29 has largely voted democratic in recent years. But the reasons for this trend are rather complicated to answer. Media exposure, discussion about United States politics at home, and personal beliefs, all factor into the decisions of young voters. However, many voters have decided to abstain, whether it be because of the lack of knowledge about the current political sphere in the US, or the undecisive decision of choosing between two inarguably controversial candidates.

Families all over the US and American citizens overseas, are experiencing the all-too-familiar “election anxiety,” checking maps and predictions in hopes of each person’s desired outcome. Although this is arguably the most significant US presidential election we’ve had in recent years, and possibly in all of US history, we cannot control the ultimate outcome when the time arrives.

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