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How To Stick To Your Goals Under COVID-19 Circumstances

How did life change so quickly regarding our goals? Setting goals is important in our lives, they help us achieve our dreams, plus we become happier when we go through something we thought would be impossible. From small to big goals, there is always a solution; we just need to try!

The goal of this article is not to have a list of how to reach your goals, but instead to encourage you to know yourself better. By understanding our own motivation, we can accomplish challenging goals, and we can be an example to others, so that YOU can be THEIR motivation for reaching their goals. However, COVID-19 has interrupted many people’s objectives, and we might find it difficult to reach out to others to talk about our plans in life. But this doesn’t need to stop us. If we want something, we should get it, even if we have to do it at home.

Source: Kwaku Awuah from ImpactPlus.

In my personal experience, I set many goals for myself, and many times I end up completing them. This is because I make sure to have a lot of personal goals, such as taking care of myself and my family. I also have academic goals, which involve doing well in school and getting my grades up to be in the best college.

Since I am a person who struggles with concentrating on tasks, I require extra help to keep me organized, which I am successful with because I have others to support me, including teachers and tutors. This way, I can learn with my mentors, and it becomes enjoyable for me to have the motivation to do things that teachers and tutors have helped me to accomplish. However, as I get older, I know that I cannot depend on others and need to become more independent. That is why this is a learning process for me.

I have found that there are two types of factors that help us stick to our goals. The first is internal, such as the recognition and determination of our efforts. By recognizing our efforts, we are motivating ourselves because we are not just focusing on the results but also how we got to them. The second is external, which are those words of encouragement that can push us forward a little more. Both small and large goals are important. Like completing homework for the week or making the school play. These goals give us a clear vision of where we want to go in life and how to make it meaningful and interesting.

No matter the circumstances, everything can be possible if a person pushes towards a better life. 



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