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Experts Have Reportedly Located the Malaysia MH370 Crash Site

(Left: art piece made as a response to the accident, right: picture of the Boeing 777)

On March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370) disappeared with 226 passengers on its route from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China. The sudden disappearance of the aircraft was the beginning of one of the biggest mysteries in airline history as the crash site’s exact location was never found despite over $200 million being invested. However, there is a possibility that this might change. Earlier this week, the Daily Mail reported that Victor Lanello and his team—who are based in the US—announced their discovery to the airline website “AirLive.” According to Lanello, the Boeing 777 flew 4,000 km over Indonesia before plunging into the South Indian Ocean near the coordinates “S34.2342 and E93.7875,” 2,070km off the coast of Perth, Australia. The experts claim that past searches focused on the wrong location, approximately 30km away from where wreckage would be found.

If proven true, this would be an enormous discovery for many reasons. One of them would be the revisiting of a “cold case,” as the last search in the area for the wreckage ended in May 2018 after three months of an investigation that didn’t yield any fruition. Another reason why this would be a huge discovery is that if the full wreckage is recovered, investigators would most likely be able to determine the cause of the crash. Although most of the pieces of the plane might be eroded beyond repair, investigators might still be able to recover the black box. A black box is a piece of equipment in an aircraft that records the cockpit as well as flight data. Analyzing the black box would allow the investigators to make educated guesses on what caused the accident by matching the data with the pilots’ recording and what they were describing in their final moments.

As a whole, the claims have yet to be fully confirmed but the possibility of knowing the truth might bring peace to the families of those who were involved in this immense tragedy. In the near future, one of the biggest aircraft mysteries might not be a mystery after all.

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