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Why the Hate? The Candy Corn Debate

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Whether you love it or hate it, candy corn has remained the most iconic Halloween treat for decades since its creation in the 1880s. Invented by Wunderle Candy Company employee George Renninger, candy corn stands out in the trick-or-treat candy basket because of its distinctive triangular shape and tricolored appearance. The staple Halloween candy is commonly associated with the fall season and appears to be only prevalent in the United States. However, candy corn does not seem to resonate with those who haven’t experienced the autumnal, spooky season.

Colorful Candy Corn for Halloween on a Background

Interestingly, there’s a polarizing divide between those who stand by the snack and those who stay ten feet away from it. People who enjoy candy corn argue that it’s a source of nostalgia and mention the vanilla flavor and texture. Those on the other side of the debate bring up taste and texture as well, arguing that candy corn has absolutely no taste, and that its texture is more comparable to wax than any other Halloween candy.

In a survey conducted through Google Forms, 19 people were asked for their thoughts on candy corn. 52.6% of those asked said they liked the treat, while 26.3% expressed their distaste. Curiously, 21% of those asked said they were indifferent to it.

In an article written by Kate Willsky, she explains how the candy corn debate is a “baseless charade that denigrates one of America’s oldest sweets” and goes into detail on how candy corn transcends cloying sweetness. “There’s a nuttiness reminiscent of marzipan, hints of warm vanilla, a buttery flavor belied by the fact that candy corn is, as bags proudly proclaim, a fat-free candy,” she writes. Yet, many people claim that they taste nothing but wax when biting into a piece of candy corn.

Candy corn doesn’t need to be your favorite candy or even in the top three. But the cultural significance and how much it resonates with the American market proves that, even with all the scrutiny, it remains a staple Halloween treat for harvesting season.



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