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The Resurgence Of COVID-19

World map of COVID-19 cases. Source: WHO.

Over the last seven months, the world has been focused on monitoring the spread of COVID-19, social distancing, and disinfecting. Millions of people have been infected and recovered, but millions have died as well. Although the number of people getting infected has been decreasing little by little, scientists say that around 10% of the global population has been infected, leaving the other 90% at risk. We have recently seen a small upsurge in cases of COVID-19, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Many countries like Holland, Germany, and the USA are experiencing spikes in infected people. Due to this, more pressure is being put onto doctors and scientists to find a cure. At the moment, all of the human trials for COVID-19 are being halted to ensure that it is done calmly and not rushed.

This spike is causing people to be more conscious again. The increasing infection rates result from people not being careful and going out with others, so they get sick and cause more people to get infected with the coronavirus. This is an enormous problem; people should be careful regardless of the situation slowing down since doctors have recommended keeping precautions for this specific reason. Hopefully, in the coming months, doctors can find a cure that works effectively without severe side effects so that by next summer, they can provide it to all of the people who need it.


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