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Last school year, I had a great time performing in the “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” musical. My friends and I performed and our hard work paid off because we had a lot of fun. We had to perform our musical five times in front of a lot of people and we were drowning in a sea of nervousness, but we kept persevering and showed everyone how our school can put on a good musical.

I´m happy that I took this opportunity because this might be the last time I could be in a musical and I wanted to try something that would challenge me. Our director of the musical, Edo Amador, is now a successful drama teacher. He was a great help to us. He showed us what it means to put together something big like this. We learned confidence, how to be a good performer, and how to be focused. 

The importance of doing this was self-fulfillment which is making myself happy by doing things that make me feel joy. Despite the fact that we made some mistakes at the beginning of the play, we tried to not make them in our other performances. Also, he harmonies and the joyous  sounds of our voices pleased my grandma’s ears.

During rehearsal, our director let me know that my part where I had to sing, dance, and act, was a very difficult piece because it involved a lot of movement and singing at the same time. Plus, memorizing many lines from the script made me feel  as tired as a bear in hibernation, but I did the best I could. I felt proud of myself because I worked hard.

There was a specific song we closed the show with, which was one of the hardest songs we performed, danced, and sang to. It was named “Bows. I was specifically super enthusiastic because the part where I had to sing alone was very difficult and having the song that closed the whole show was afterward, so that meant I had to put extra effort into what I was going to do, and it felt great.

In the end, I felt excited because we finished something that we worked hard on, we were successful because we earned a lot of money, and the audience was cheering for us. It was awesome because we accomplished our goal. Yet, I didn’t want it to be over because the rehearsing was super fun and we enjoyed every bit of it. The characters that we played were part of us for a long time, and for that to be over felt for me that I was going to miss the stage that we were on.

I could say that this was the most significant day for me because I’ve never felt more proud of myself. 



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