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Is the CDC Trustworthy?

It is a chaotic time in the United States: the 2020 elections are upcoming, candidates are rallying their supporters both online and in-person, and the leading contenders in this bipartisan system are dividing the country even further than it has ever been before. However, this is a periodic event that happens every four years in the US. There is nothing new, except for the one key factor that has made 2020 mark its name in history books, the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

After the first confirmed case of Coronavirus in the United States, which took place on January 21st of 2020, almost 7 million people have been infected, and 200 thousand people have lost their lives. These numbers are hard to comprehend on paper, but they are representative of an unfathomable number of people who have suffered from this pandemic. Miscommunication and misconceptions have been among the most prominent issues surrounding this event, but these topics are largely political and often lead to radical positions. It’s important to analyze the miscommunications of a neutral government organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and whether it is trustworthy in today’s circumstances.


The CDC Reverts a Major Statement Regarding the Coronavirus

The CDC is at the forefront when it comes to government response against COVID-19, it conducts research, analysis, and releases appropriate information to help US citizens. As a result of this duty, last Friday, September 18th, the CDC silently released their latest update regarding the Coronavirus’s infectious mediums. Among other things, their updated guidelines explicitly classified the virus as airborne, which was a shock to many. Previously, reports stated that the virus could not spread beyond 6 feet through the air. However, with this new update, it was made clear that it was recommendable to stay at least 6 feet away from others whenever possible, and that air purifiers should be used indoors to prevent the spread of the virus. Furthermore, they also specified that masks should not replace any other preventative measures.

Face masks have been used since the beginning of the pandemic to prevent the spread of the virus. It can catch water droplets and aerosols expelled through the mouth and nose, making it one of the most effective preventative methods (Photo credit:


However, these “mistaken” claims and reports by the CDC surrounding the Coronavirus are not entirely invalid. Various scientists inside and outside the US have pushed for the acknowledgment of COVID-19’s airborne properties for months now. Prominent figures in the field, such as Dr. Harvey Fineberg, urged the US government to acknowledge these risks going as far back as April. It was expected that such an update would be made at any moment, and these expectations were indeed met with this new release of information until a spokesperson for the CDC made an official statement denying the validity of the information and claiming that it was not meant to be released.

The American CDC’s headquarters are currently located in Atlanta, integrated into the Emory University campus, they have been there since 1947 (Photo credit: Daniel Mayer).


This brings to question the reliability and integrity of the CDC. It is undeniable that various experts and sources have supported the possibility of airborne properties of the Coronavirus, but the CDC still refuses to make a statement about these results, keeping the public in the dark. While the public is engulfed in chaos and confusion, combined with the pressure of the upcoming elections, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, meant to help the people, is refusing to take action. Whether it is political influence, incompetence, or the lack of resources, this government agency is further sinking into a relationship riddled with distrust and isolation with the public.

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