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ANS Alumni Carmencita Rosales Meets with Eye of the Tiger


On Sept. 21, the journalism class met Carmencita Rosales online via Zoom.

On September 21st, Carmencita Rosales Teran, ANS alumni and former journalism student, met online with the Eye of the Tiger writers to share her experience studying and working in communications. Rosales was part of the ANS Class of 2016 and is a recent graduate of Elon University in North Carolina, with a major in broadcast journalism.

Rosales was part of various journalism organizations, having experience in entertainment hosting and reporting. During her college years, she was an intern at the popular Nicaraguan TV channel, VosTv, working as a TV host and producer. She also started the first Spanish radio show in Burlington, called “Tu Cita Favorita,” and participated in ETalk, the university’s student-led entertainment talk show.

Carmencita described how she discovered her passion for journalism and entertainment when she was part of the first high school journalism class. After an internship in VosTv, she aspired to be a talk show host and presenter.

Rosales continued to express how high school and college are times of growth and discovery of our interests, talents, and abilities. She recommends students take advantage of opportunities and challenge themselves to try new things:

“Always follow your dreams and never underestimate yourself. Get out of your comfort zone; you never know how many opportunities can open up. Go out there and make it happen!”

Rosales shared this and many other valuable tips and suggestions to the journalism students. Overall, this occasion was a fantastic learning opportunity and a great introduction to the vast fields of communication and journalism. It was a pleasure meeting with her!

Currently, Carmencita is an everyday style and content creator on Instagram. She works with various companies on sponsorships and producing online content for her social media platforms.

You can check out Carmencita Rosales’ Instagram page here:


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