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ANS & Celebrating Women Throughout History

The US Embassy in Managua is hosting an art contest celebrating Women Throughout US History, and ANS’s Digital Art’s teacher, Mr. Esteban Blanco, is serving as a judge. We had the honor to interview Mr. Blanco and inquire about his involvement in the event.

 Mr. Blanco is part of a group of three art teachers judging and selecting the three best artworks. Mr. Blanco has previous experience with judging in competitions involving the creative arts, and explains “I’m not nervous. I am very excited to see what people have to showcase!” Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire contest will be hosted online through Google Meets.

Mr. Blanco has been very engaged in art programs at ANS, with 12 years of art experience under his belt. One of the aspects the hosts of the competition are still trying to resolve is the issue of what specific art medium is going to be looked at in the contest. Mr. Blanco mentioned that the most common mediums he sees are digital art (artwork using digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process) and traditional art (artwork utilizing physical media, like pencils, paint, or pastels.)

Mr. Blanco states that the main goal is to achieve “excellent composition, the fundamental principals of graphic design, and the components that play into creating a solid piece, regardless of artistic medium.”

The participants of the contest are upcoming artists and established ones, with the shared desire to make their art known. “In the end, judging art is so difficult because what you think is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depends on your own subjective experience,” Blanco explains. “However, because the people participating in the contest are already adults with sufficient artistic experience, the standard is higher. We judge the artworks using a specific criterion: measuring the uniqueness of the piece, professional and aesthetic quality, concept, and the selection and application of materials.”

It sounds like a lot to digest. But for an artist, these concepts are more than familiar.

Mr. Esteban Blanco participating as a judge in this contest sponsored and hosted by the United States Embassy is another step forward for promoting the arts and it’s true rigor among the ANS Community.

NOTE: After the publication of this article, the winners have been announced! You can see the artwork on the US Embassy of Managua’s Facebook page:

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