Democrats vs Republicans: Why the Division?

Democrats and Republicans have a long history of opposing each other in many affairs since the mid 19th century. The battle between these two political groups rages on even today. 

Why are Democrats and Republicans always at each other’s throats?  What’s up with these two parties that have got brother blocking brother on their Facebook feed? History has taught us that the main source of disagreement between these two parties lies in their values. 

The early origins of the Democratic Party revolved around opposing political and civil rights of African Americans, and were associated with a more conservative agenda; nowadays however, the Democratic Party is oftentimes associated with progressivism and supporting minority groups. It is a fact that modern-day Democrats hold values of upholding equality, of upholding collectivism over individualism and of supporting government intervention. They support fostering green energy and a clean environment, as well as an economy with high taxes that will guarantee good social security for all. Most Democrats believe in secularism and many more don’t have a particular religion (except for Latin minority groups who are overwhelmingly Catholic).

According to the 2016 Democratic Party Platform, Democrats fight for economic fairness and stand against social and economic inequality. In order to accomplish that, they foster tax plans that will make sure that big businesses along with multi millionaires pay their fair share into the economy. 


How about Republicans? The early origins of the Republican Party involved a progressive agenda which supported social and economic rights of African Americans during the mid 19th century; however, now republicans can be labeled as a conservative party, which advocates for a flat tax rate, a strong military, individualism over collectivism, and low government intervention in the economy. According to the 2016 Republican Party Platform, Republicans envision the government as a partner who is there to support individuals and industries and not as an intervening monitor. 

Moreover, the Republican Party Platform also states that Republicans are patriots who believe in American exceptionalism and the idea that the United States of America is unlike any other country in the world. Most Republicans are Christians who firmly believe in the rule of law; hence, they are oftentimes associated with supporting strong border security and deporting those who have illegally immigrated into the United States. 

As it was already exposed, the fundamental difference between Democrats and Republicans lies in their values which are influenced by the way they were raised, the conditions in which they were raised, the individual experiences that they’ve had, as well as the education that they’ve received overall. All these factors that affect the values of an individual are forever changing and will never be the same for each individual; therefore, we can expect these ongoing fights to continue unless they can set aside their differences and have a civil discussion…but that idea seems to be too far-fetched in the current political environment.

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